Computek are located near Macroom, County Cork. The original business name was 2412electrics founded in 2001, which specialised in the design of 12v and 24v power systems and there implementation. The owner has an extensive history dealing with electronic equipment. Growing up with a brother who was a qualified electronics engineer and another who had a workshop with wires and components and jars full of parts screwed up under shelves, with tins full of stuff stuffed into nooks every where, it was like an aladins cave to a young inquisitive mind which kind of set the scene for a future in electronics.

However, it would be a different route taken, with initially a varied career in mechinics and welding/engineering, though still returning intermittently to electronics over the years. In 2011, the plunge was taken and by a wing and a prayer, the first shop opened mid May, 2011 in Macroom dedicated to electronic repairs. Although at Computek, we currently deal primarily with a lot of computer related repairs, we also carry out repairs to numerous types of electronic equipment.

By October 2011, Computek was moved to larger premises and has continued to grow at a steady rate. The business has just launched it's main online catalog which now carries in excess of 40,000 unique products dedicated to the I.T. and Electronics trade. The business is all but ready to move to the next stage where it will change from a 'Trading As' business to a fully fledged 'Limited Company'.

Computek specialise in the sales, repair, service and upgrade of electronic equipment. A full Corporate Network installation service is also available, where a complete in house system can be designed from the ground up to meet your I.T. requirements.

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